Wireless Camera Systems

Can’t run a cable? Worried about wireless? This page will answer all of your wireless questions.

One of the biggest barriers to installing CCTV for lambing and calving is having to run cables. Normal CCTV systems require you to run a Coaxial cable from every CCTV camera back to the television you are going to watch the cameras on. This is both very inconvenient and very expensive to do on a farm, where trenches would have to be dug and ducts installed to pull the cables through. You may also have to dig up roads and get around other major obstructions.

Wireless to the rescue!

A much easier option is to use wireless transmission to go between the lambing / calving shed(s), and the house or office where you want to watch the cameras from. However, traditional wireless systems have their own drawbacks:

  • The picture is often fuzzy, because of interference from electric wiring and other electronic devices
  • The range is limited, and picture quality reduces as the distance increases
  • They require large, bulky aerials to be installed to get a useable range

To overcome these problems, AgriCamera use a new digital wireless system, that works in the same way as the WiFI network in your home that you use to go on the internet.

AgriCamera Wireless Transmitter

The benefits of AgriCamera Wireless are:

  • The picture quality is always the same (excellent) no matter how long the wireless transmission distance is
  • The transmission distance can be very long (3km + with good line of sight)
  • The transmitters are small and unobtrusive and can be easily mounted inside a window or to a gutter.
  • You can add extra wireless receivers to the system to connect extra buildings in the future
  • It is possible to ‘dogleg’ around obstructions in the way of line of sight with an extra transmitter / receiver
  • Signal strength lights on the back of the transmitter allow you to see whether or not your transmitters are connected which is invaluable when trying to position them

What is the typical range of an AgriCamera Wireless System?

We are constantly asked this question. The answer is ‘a very long way’! If you can get unobstructed ‘line of sight’ between the two transmitters, they will connect at up to 3km. If you need to go further than this, we can supply more powerful transmitters (contact us for more details). To get the unobstructed line of sight the transmitters can be mounted up high to go over the top of buildings or other obstructions.

Is it possible to dog-leg the signal around an obsctruction?

Imagine you have a lambing shed on one side of your yard and your house is on the other. But in between is a very large grain store. You cannot get line of sight between the house and the lambing shed.


To get around this problem, it is possible to use two sets of wireless transmitters, to go around the grain shed. One transmitter would be mounted on the house, a second on the grain shed facing the house. A third transmitter would be mounted on the other side of the grain shed facing the lambing shed. The two transmitters on the grain shed would be linked with a cable.

If you need this sort of system please contact us on 01271 828 407 and we’d be more than happy to put together a customised kit for you.

More questions?

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