Ultra360 Camera Kit

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We think the new AgriCamera Ultra360 is probably the highest specification calving and lambing camera on the market today. With all the same features as the standard Ultra360 camera, but adding a better lens, better zoom and more powerful night vision, it is a very clever camera.

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We think the new AgriCamera Ultra360 is probably the highest specification calving and lambing camera on the market today. With all the same features as the original Ultra360 camera, but adding a better lens, better zoom and more powerful night vision, it is a very clever camera.

We supply the system as a complete kit including a wireless link back to your house. The kit comes with a 4 port power box which can connect up to 3 cameras and a transmitter, as well as our clever AgriCamera Interface Unit which is the magic brain of the system.

Try out a live demo or watch our feature walk through video.

Ultra 360 Camera Features

  • Full high definition, 1080P resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with full 360 degree rotation and 180 degree tilt so you can see every corner of the shed. The 30x optical zoom and 32x digital zoom let you see every detail including reading ear tags from up to 100m away. 
  • Compared to the Revolution camera, the Ultra360 has:
    • a 30x optical zoom rather than 12x so you can see further
    • a larger, 1/2″ lens sensor module aperture giving a sharper image
    • better low light performance thanks to optical ‘wide dynamic range’ rather than doing it in the software
    • 150m, high power smart infrared lights for superb night vision performance
  • Low latency, high quality, low bandwidth streaming for a perfect picture quality even over a slow internet connection. The minimal latency means the camera feels responsive and moves nearly instantly when you click.
  • Built in infrared lights capable of illuminating objects up to 150m away. Clever dual emitter design with smart power control to prevent over exposing nearby objects. The illuminators are also ultra wide angle ensuring good illumination even when the camera is zoomed out.
  • Optional high quality wind dampening microphone so you can see as well as hear. The microphone is built into the camera connection box housing which can stream even the quietest of sounds straight back to your phone or computer.
  • Superb environment control inside the camera prevents fogging and ensures a long life. The camera has a built in heater for when the temperate reaches below 0 degrees, and has clever airflow within the camera to move heat away from the motors towards the heat sinks.
  • Rugged and purpose built design for agriculture. The camera is fully waterproof and can withstand the toughest conditions found in damp calving sheds. The camera comprised of modular components which can easily be replaced if a malfunction should occur. 
  • The camera comes with an included wall mounting bracket. Other mounting brackets are available in the accessories section if required.

Why buy from AgriCamera

Simplest, most straightforward system to install and setup

  • Simple, waterproof connections.
  • ‘Single Voltage’ design – you can’t plug it in wrong even if you try!
  • Largely pre assembled – only 3 main cables to plug in.

Modular and expandable

  • Connect an unlimited number of cameras to your system. The system comes with a 4 port power supply, and multiple power supplies can be daisy chained together if required.
  • Connect systems on different farms together and view them on the same screen.
  • Expand the wireless in whatever way you like!

Reliable, proven wireless

Our wireless equipment is field proven to work year in year out in even the most extreme conditions. Transmitters come with moulded brackets for wall or pole mounting.

Easiest to use software

  1. Plug the camera in
  2. Create an account on our website
  3. Enter your camera license key
  4. Done! 

U.K. based, fanatical technical support

Unfortunately, despite all the effort we have put into making things as simple and reliable as possible stuff does still go wrong and often it is outside of our control (for instance an underlying problem with your internet or computer). Rather than shirking our responsibilities, our team based in North Devon is on hand to work through any issues and we will always get things working properly or your money back!

You install or we install

We have made things as simple as we can, but we still fully understand that sometimes you just want a turn key solution with the least hassle possible. That’s why we offer AgriCamera certified installation at a transparent price. Alternatively, if you are happy to do a bit of DIY you should easily be able to complete the installation yourself in a day.

Transparent, simple pricing model

We realise that you are looking for the best value when buying things for your business, and therefore we will only quote our best prices. We benefit from large buying power and economies of scale meaning we can provide a high quality system for not much more than some of the unbranded, Chinese systems on the market!

1 year warranty, extendable to 2!

Everything we sell has a 1 year warranty. You can optionally extend this to 2 years for 10% of the sale price at the point of ordering.

Here an example of an AgriCamera Bullet HD live from AgriCamera HQ! The camera gives you a good idea of the picture quality and the area you can cover with a single camera. Perfect for security or smaller livestock sheds.

We have lots of experience of live streaming cameras all around the world, including the sheep shearing world record as covered by the BBC!

AgriCamera Care

£100/year +VAT per site

No matter how many cameras you have. The first year is free!

AgriCamera Care is peace of mind for your investment.

  • Fanatical phone and email support from highly skilled Devon based staff who talk your language
  • Unlimited access to our online cloud based software
  • Automatic software updates to the latest supported versions for all your equipment
  • No hassle “swap it” hardware replacement if any of your equipment has a fault or gets damaged

AgriCamera Care is charged once per site (no matter how many cameras you have) and is billed annually in arrears. The first year is included with your camera purchase for free.


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