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The Wireless Transmitter is used for connecting your house / office to your calving shed. In effect it extends your home network out to the farm. We can then connect the cameras to this system.

The transmitter has a fairly wide signal distribution of around 60 degrees. This means that careful alignment is not very important.


  • The transmitter has built in wall mounting holes to attach to a building, or it can be attached to a pole or downpipe using a cable tie thanks to the curved bracket. 
  • 8 built in LED lights show you the status of the transmitter. The lights are mounted on the side of the unit to try and make them easier to view from ground level. The lights instantly tell you whether the transmitters have successfully connected together or not.
  • Low frequency (2.4Ghz) for superior penetration through obstacles such as trees and buildings.
  • AgriCamera ‘Single Voltage’ design makes it compatible with our Interface Units and Weatherproof Power Supplies with no chance of plugging it in wrong.

Typical Range

It is very difficult to answer the question ‘how far can they go’. However, we can give you some good indications:

With Line of Sight

If you have a clear line of sight between the two transmitters you should be able to easily achieve a distance of 3 kilometres or more. The distance can be affected by the amount of interference between the two transmitters and the size of the ‘frensal zone’ – ie. the scope of the line of sight.

Without Line of Sight

If you do not have a line of sight, the distance is much more limited. As ever, it depends hugely on what exactly is preventing the line of sight. Typically, the transmitters can go around 100-200m without line of sight without a problem. This would include going through some buildings or perhaps a few trees. As the distance increases, it becomes more pot luck whether the wireless will work or not. The transmitters tend to be best at going through less dense materials (like a roof of a building) and are almost completely blocked by a hillside made of earth.

It is important to remember that the transmitters are sending a digital signal. This means that the signal either makes it or it doesn’t. There is no in between area where the signal half makes it and the picture quality is poor.

Automatic Configuration

  • The transmitters are loaded with custom software written by AgriCamera to make them super easy to use. Most similar transmitters are complicated to setup and troubleshoot – not so with these!
  • All of the settings can be remotely configured without taking the device down – we can even factory reset it and remotely reconfigure it again.
  • The software in the transmitter can be remotely updated if any problems are found.

Multipoint Wireless

Typically the transmitters are configured in an A to B configuration. However, it is also possible to configure them in an A to BB type confiuration, in order to connect two buildings together. This is what we call a point to multipoint connection. For more details about this, please see our wireless page.


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