AgriCamera Weatherproof Power Supply

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AgriCamera power supply for up to 4 cameras.

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The Weatherproof Power Supply (WPS) is a combined ‘hub’ and power supply for all AgriCamera cameras and transmitters. It has 4 power ports and 1 daisy chain port.


The Weatherproof Power Supply is housed in a robust plastic enclosure with rubber sealed cable entry ports to keep it watertight. Due to the design of the cable entry ports the crimps on the ends of the cables do not have to be removed in order to pass them into the box. 

The Weatherproof Power Supply has LED indicators for each of the ports to show the status of the devices plugged in. The left hand side light above each port indicates whether the device is powered up. The right hand light indicates whether the device is sending any data. 

Single Voltage Design

All AgriCamera cameras and transmitters run off the same voltage and the power is carried on the same cables that carry the data signal. This means that it is basically impossible to connect the system in the wrong way and greatly simplifies the wiring. 

Each Weatherproof Power Supply has a 1.5m C13 (kettle lead) style mains input, and must be connected to the mains in order to function. If you are connecting multiple WPS’s in one locaton, we offer a 2 way and a 3 way power cable.

Daisy Chaining

If you need to connect more than 4 devices to your WPS, it is possible to ‘daisy chain’ multiple units together. In order to do this you connect a cable between the daisy chain port on both power supplies. The WPS’s can either be located right next to each other with a short daisy chain cable, or you could locate them at either end of a shed with a much longer daisy chain cable in order to make the camera cables shorter. 

Todo: simple daisy chaining diagram, 2 units

If you need to connect more than 8 devices, it is possible to daisy chain an almost infinite number of Weatherproof Power Supplies. However, each WPS only has a single daisy chain port so it is necessary to use one of the power ports to daisy chain with. You can chain the WPS’s together in either a ‘line’ or a ‘hub and spoke’ pattern. Please note it is important to avoid making any loops or rings.

Todo: complex daisy chaining diagram, 3 and 5 units