IFU Recording License

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A recording license channel is needed to enable the recording features on an Interface Unit. You need to purchase channel licenses for each camera you wish to record from. You will also need to purchase a hard drive to go inside the Interface Unit to store the actual footage on.

Features of AgriCamera Recording System

  • The IFU can be set to either record all footage that a camera captures (continuous record) or it can be configured to record when motion is detected. 
  • You can mask out areas of the image in which you do not want to perform motion detection (for instance you may want to mask out a tree that moves in the wind and triggers motion detection).
  • You can specify how long the recordings are stored for before they are deleted. If you run out of storage before this time elapses, the oldest recordings will be deleted to allow recording to continue.
  • The playback interface is timeline based. You can click anywhere along its length to play the footage from that point.
  • Motion detection events will be marked on the timeline to make it possible to quickly find events.
  • You can select a time period to download to your local computer for evidence / archiving purposes.



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