AgriCamera Interface Unit (IFU)

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The AgriCamera Interface Unit (IFU) is the brain of the AgriCamera solution.

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The Interface Unit or IFU for short is AgriCamera’s magic source – it’s what links your cameras to your phone / computer and makes everything ‘just work’ without any configuration. 

What it does?

  • Is the bridge between you cameras and the AgriCamera Cloud (and your mobile phone, computer etc). The IFU scans for cameras and automatically makes them available for you to view.
  • Provides local access direct to your cameras when the stream does not need to go over the internet.

Todo: diagram showing local / cloud connection types

  • Provides troubleshooting and diagnostic information. The IFU has a built in LCD screen that provides useful information as to the current state of the system. The IFU is also very helpful if you have a problem which you cannot solve yourself, as it gives AgriCamera engineers lots of information so we can quickly diagnose any problems.
  • The IFU is the basis of the recording system. The IFU has space for 1 3.5″ hard drive which is used to store video footage. In order to enable the recording features you will need to puchase a Recording License for each channel (camera) which you wish to record. 


  • The IFU has a built in 3 port power hub similar to the one in our Weatherproof Power Supply. You can connect either transmitters or cameras to these ports. If you need more than 3 ports, you can daisy chain a Weatherproof Power Supply box from one of the ports to double the capacity.
  • The IFU has an ‘Uplink’ port that connects to your broadband router and connects it to the rest of the network. Typically, the IFU is placed next to your broadband router, but it doesn’t have to be. We do however recommend that the IFU is connected to your broadband router with a wire connection.
  • The IFU will automatically receive software updates from AgriCamera to make it completely maintenance free.