Poultry Shed CCTV

Make sure you know what is happening

AgriCamera are a leading supplier of security and livstock monitoring systems to the poultry industry. We have a deep understanding of the challenges faced installing technology in these harsh environments. As a result, we have developed a unique range of products that are tightly integrated together to ensure your site is both secure and a high standard of welfare is maintained.

CCTV & Surveillance

We specialise in installing CCTV at poultry sites. We can manage the process from beginning to end and you can be assured the highest of standards will be maintained throughout.

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Inside the sheds

Whilst it is frequently an assurance requirement for CCTV, many clients recognise that having optical (and even thermal) surveillance can deliver many benefits to the farmer in an efficient and time-saving manner. Quick regular checks are possible remotely and historic image capture can be reviewed to study bird behaviour and make adjustments to the environment and management systems to improve welfare and performance.

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Outside the sheds

AgriCamera specialise in rural security. We have a unique system, that reliably monitors your farm and lets you review footage with the utmost simplicity. We are always on hand to provide help and support if needed.

Hello, chicken!

This camera is in a chicken shed in Wiltshire, UK. It is used to keep a general eye on the inside of the chicken shed.

Thermal Imaging

AgriCamera have a unique thermal imaging system for inside poultry sheds. The main use of the system is to ensure the floor is heated to an even temperature during the pre-heat cycle to help the chicks get off to the best of starts. However, it is also useful to observing bird behaviour in relation to the environmental conditions inside the shed.

Intrusion Prevention & Access Control

We understand that maintaining strict biosecurity inside your site is important. Therefore we have a range of intrusion prevention systems including PIR detectors and infrared beams to alert you to the first sign of a break in, as well as offering a range of door access control products.


Professionally Installed

If you are embarking on a new build project, it’s best to involve us at the earliest opportunity. We can then prepare a plan and liaise with your site electricians to run the bulk of the cabling for us in the main conduits throughout the shed. Our own engineers will then perform final installation and commissioning.

If you have a retrofit project, we will work out the most effective way of running the cables in your shed, utilising existing conduits and cable races wherever possible. We will usually carry out the whole installion with our own engineers so we can guarantee the highest quality of workmanship.