On Premise Recording

For when your internet connection is not so fast.

Our on premise recording system works in the same way as a traditional CCTV system. The cameras are connected to a network, and the recording system is also plugged into this network. The recording system then connects to all the cameras and performs motion detection on the images.

To view the recordings you simply go to our Dashboard website and login as usual. This can be done when you are at your house or viewing remotely*.

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It is easy to quickly review thousands of hours of footage in order to find a particular event you are looking for.
You can drill down through month, day, hour and minute snapshots instantly before having to start watching actual video.

At any time you can jump to a different camera on your account, or switch to a completely different date with the buttons in the menubar at the top.

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Red markers indicate a time period in which movement was detected. This means you can immediately know if there was any activity within a particular day or hour.

Once you have clicked on a particular minute, a play back window opens. From here, you can play the video back at up to 10x normal speed. You can also drag the timeline marker to jump to a different section.

With the export controls, you can prepare a section of footage to be exported from the cloud storage system and saved locally to your computer if you need to keep the footage for evidence purposes. You can also download a snapshot image at any time by simply pressing the Download Image button.

The share button allows you to copy a URL that can be shared in an email or saved to allow you to go back to the exact same point in time in the future.

Hardware Options

Pro Recorder
  • Suitable for up to 16 cameras
  • Maximum of 4 hard drives – 32TB total storage

£799.00 (with 2 x 4TB Hard Drives)

Mini Recorder
  • Suitable for up to 4 cameras
  • Maximum of 1 hard drive – 4TB total storage

£399.00 (with 1 x 4TB Hard Drive)

The recording system can take up to 4 hard drives of up to 8TB (terrabytes) each. We recommend ‘mirroring’ the hard drives, so you have a theoretical maximum capacity of 16TB. We recommend 1TB per 30 days per camera when there is a typical farm level of activity in front of the cameras.

AgriCamera Care

  • 1-2 Cameras – £200.00/year
  • 3-4 Cameras – £300.00/year
  • 5-8 Cameras – £400.00/year
  • 9-16 Cameras – £500.00/year

On premise recording requires an AgriCamera Care contract appropriate to the number of cameras that you have. This cover the software licensing for the recording box, all software updates and technical help and support.

  • Unlimited phone and email support from highly skilled Devon based staff
  • Unlimited access to our online cloud based software
  • Automatic software updates to the latest supported version of software for all your equipment
  • No hassle “swap it” hardware replacement if any of your equipment has a fault or gets damaged

On premise recording systems will also be subject to an additional maintenance & updates contract.