AgriCamera comprises a small but dedicated group people who are passionate about farming and rural life. We are committed to building a great product with a supporting service that our customers love.

We hope to meet you as well as talk to you on the phone but to put faces to the names in the meantime…

Jake Withecombe; Managing Director

Jake is the driving force behind AgriCamera; from his own experiences in farming, during his first and only year at University, he identified the need for the product and could see where technology was heading. Drawing on his talent for understanding how things work – particulary when it comes to software technology and the internet – AgriCamera was soon born. With the concept proven after early experiments with supportive first customers, he has been focused since 2012 on growing the AgriCamera business and developing the potential of the product.

Jake is just 24 years old and already has a track record of founding and growing entrepreneurial businesses. AgriCamera is one of a small portfolio. He also founded and launched the well known farming and rural business social media website, The Farming Forum (AgriWeb Media Limited) and is a partner in a 200 acre farming business with his father, focused on the production of high quality haylage for the performance horse market, Swanmoor Haylage. Today he is normally found on the end of a phone talking to potential customers or out on site, directing installations. Like the rest of the AgriCamera team, he is patient and is comforatble helping existing customers with their technology challenges. Jake is passionate about business and agriculture and spends every spare minute driving his business ventures forward and occasionally finding time to prove he is handy with a shotgun!

Ben Thompson; Commercial Manager

Ben is a key, longstanding and talented colleague and an excellent commercial manager. Jake and Ben were school firends and his involvement with AgriCamera started unusually when Ben was roped in to help roll the driveway on the farm at Swanmoor, during his first summer after finishing university. Ben who was in the process of looking at a career in finance after obtaining his degree became interested in the AgriCamera proposition. He quickly got involved in what was initially meant to be a part time role whilst still looking for his first career step. That was back in the summer of 2014 and now, two and a half years later, he is pivotal to the day to day running of AgriCamera in his role as Commercial Manager!

Ben has excelled in learning the technology and developing his finance, operational, HR and sales skills. Ben runs the day to day activities in the office ensuring that customer enquiries and problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently. He can also regularly be found out on customer sites, working on design and installation when required. Ben spends his spare time putting time back into youth work and when the opportuity arises, sharing a mutual passion for horse racing with Rob!

Jeremy Perkins; Sales and Business Development Manager

Jeremy joined the team in the spring of 2016 and his role is to develop sales and distribution for the AgriCamera range of products. Jeremy is experienced, knowledgeable and well connected with a background in events management and business development. Jeremy was attracted to the opportunity to join AgriCamera by the quality of the product and its relevance to the farming and rural market. Based in Bury St Edmunds, he spends a lot of time out on the roads visiting customers, potential and existing, and establishing business to business relationships with distributors and partners. With a interest in social media of all forms, Jeremy is building AgriCamera’s online presence with his posts and insights. He is becoming the first point of contact for AgriCamera as he builds relationships across the country and into Europe. Like the rest of the AgriCamera team, he is passionate about farming and has a particular interest in Galloway cattle which he keeps on his land in Suffolk. In his spare time, Jeremy will probably be out on his farm with his young Son, looking after his cattle.

Alan Hollis; Software Developer

Alan has known and worked with Jake over a number of years, helping him to develop and fromulate his ideas for the technology development of the business. The AgriCamera operating platform is critical to the success of AgriCamera and Alan is the technical skill and creativity behind the operation. With an extensive skill set and experience in software development gained over a number of years, Alan brings a can do attitude to the business and is renowned for “getting things done” having managed development teams through successful implentation of a range of projects. When working with AgriCamera, he is responsible for the ongoing development of the AgriCamera software, building new features and working with customers on technical support problems. AgriCamera is an agile business and Alan lives in Surrey, working with us remotely from his home office.

Rob Withecombe; Finance Director

Rob is a guiding hand on the strategic and operational development of the AgriCamera business, providing financial acumen and financial support to Jake and the business. He is also Jake’s partner in farming and joint shareholder in AgriCamera. Whilst he would not profess to have enough of the technical knowledge required to involve himself in the day to day operational activities of the business, he does understand the benefits that technology should bring and that it should be “brilliantly simple”. That way, anyone (or indeed he) can use it without difficulty. He also brings sales and business development skills and experience. He is skilled in demonstrating the product to potential customers. With a continuing career in professional services, global wealth management and banking, Rob is an experienced chartered accountant and chartered tax advisor with a successful track record of leading teams in business.


Responsible for office entertainment, Winnie spends most of the day curled up in her basket patiently waiting for Paul the ParcelForce driver to arrive with dog biscuits.


Blue the Collie is normally found on the office doormat no matter how bad the weather is, waiting to welcome visitors.