Basic System

Our unique system uploads your cameras through your broadband router to our dashboard which enables you to view the cameras from the comfort of you own home or where you are in the world. We have designed a brilliantly simple installation and online application which is has been created to make you life as easy as possible.

The typical system can been seen below. You would run a single cable down from your AgriCamera to the AgriCamera Four Camera Power Supply. You then have two Wireless Transmitters which connect your cameras back to your broadband router. It really is as simple as that! There is no software to install, you simply create an account on the dashboard and enter your camera identification. It only needs setting up once, after that it just works!

Your AgriCamera system is totally flexible which allows you to add as many cameras as you wish in as many locations as you need. All of which can be viewed on the same page on our AgriCamera Dashboard. Click here to demo the Dashboard and have play with a few of our cameras!

Complex System

The AgriCamera Dashboard

Once your cameras are plugged in, the AgriCamera IFU (Interface Unit) will spring to life, and register all your cameras with our online platform and perform a self test to check everything is looking good. You can then visit and create your user account. Once logged in, you will need the licence keys that came with your cameras. The Dashboard will ask you to enter these so as it can assign your cameras to your account.

Once complete, you cameras will appear and you can start viewing them. You can also download our mobile app for Android or iOS (optimised for both mobiles & tablets) and login with the same user account for fast easy access to the cameras. If you have multiple users who will view the cameras, you can create separate user accounts for them, and share your cameras with them.

Our system is clever enough to only send the images from your cameras over the internet when it has to. As long as you are connected to the same broadband router as the camera, the images will go direct from the camera to your device, saving lots of internet bandwidth and delivering a better quality picture.

If you have an Ultra360 or Professional camera, you can also setup PTZ presets via the website, which can be recalled using the mobile app. For Bullet cameras, you can listen to sound on both the website or the mobile app by simply clicking on the icon below the picture.

We are continually developing and improving the software without you having to do a thing. Software updates will be seamlessly downloaded for your cameras occasionally to ensure that you always have the latest features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far can the wireless signal travel?
    With a line of sight the transmitters will connect up 2km. A line of sight is not necessary but it certainly helps. Without line of sight the transmitters will tend to travel up to about 200m. This depends on what is in the way. It is worth bearing in mind that the transmitter does not have to be situated next to the camera. You can mount the transmitter high up on your house and shed (or even the shed next door) to try and get the bet signal possible.
  • Can the camera see at night?
    The AgriCamera Bullet cameras have built in infrared lights giving as good a picture at night as during the day. The Ultra360 camera has “low level light visibility”. The camera will flick into black & white at night to give you the best picture quality possible but some lights will need to be left on in the shed.
  • Are there any on going costs?
    The first year of AgriCamera Care is included with the camera. For subsequent years, it is £100/year. AgriCamera Care provides instant phone & email support year round and software updates to ensure your camera is always up to date.