At The Gallops

Let your owners see their horses train on a daily basis.

AgriCamera has developed a unique method of streaming your gallops live to the internet to allow your owners to log in and watch their horses train from any internet connection in the world. Using a combination of solar and wireless technology your owners can be more involed than ever before watching their horses work on a daily basis. Working along side Kim Bailey Racing we launched the product in January 2017 our first Gallop Camera with great success.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how the system could work for you then please feel free to get in touch for more infomation.

Solar & Wireless

We specialise in installing CCTV in difficult locations. There is not a lot more challenging situation to install an internet connection CCTV system than the top of gallops. We utilise solar and high tech wireless solutions to overcome the lack of power and an internet, thinking outside of the box to find a solution where ever possible. The system above travels over a km back to stable yard.


CCTV & Animal Monitoring

Orginally developed for livestock monitoring and rural security the AgriCamera system can also be used to monitor your horses and yard. The AgriCamera Dashboard allows you the flexibility to share indervidual cameras with users. This would mean you could give indervidual box access to your owners to monitor their horses. One customer with a stud farm in Newmarket allows her owners to view the foaling cameras from America. Allowing them to be more involed and also someone to cover the night shift!

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Inside the stables

Monitoring your horses thorughout the night and keeping tabs on the yard whilst you are away can save time and money. Quick regular checks of your cameras are possible remotely and historic image capture can be reviewed to study horse behaviour and activity.

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Yard Security

AgriCamera specialise in rural security. We have a unique system, that reliably monitors your farm and lets you review footage with the utmost simplicity. We are always on hand to provide help and support if needed.

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