Flexibility of AgriCamera

Versatile wireless monitoring systems to cover your whole farm.

We realise that farms weren’t built with line of sight for wireless transmitters very high on the priority list! Fortunately, our AgriCamera systems are easily adapted to suit even the most awkward of building layouts.

Multiple transmitters on calving/lambing sheds can be connected to a single transmitter on the house (providing they have clear line of sight), allowing you to monitor many sheds with a simple setup.


If you have calving or lambing sheds which do not have a line of sight back to the house, then this can be solved too. Using multiple transmitters, we can send the signal around a dogleg, allowing you to have cameras in more remote positions.


With these two types of connection the possibilities are endless! More complex situations can be conquered through a combination of these two techniques, allowing sheds in the distant corners of your farmyard to play host to an AgriCamera.

Still not sure?

If you still are not sure whether AgriCamera will be able to do what you need it to, why not give the team a ring and chat it through? We have yet to come across a problem we cannot solve 🙂

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