Demo Cameras

Try before you buy!

On this page are a sample of demo cameras. We have more demo cameras available if you go to the Dashboard and click on the demo login link. Some cameras may be offline at times – please contact us if you are having problems viewing the cameras.

Suffolk ultra360 camera/p>

This ultra360 camera is on a farm in Suffolk. The farmer also has a bullet camera at the front of his yard mounted on his workshop and covering the workshop door, entrance gate and trailer park. The bullet camera records to the Cloud for security and later review. Keen on conservation and wildlife the ultra360 monitors calving for very rare Riggit Galloway cows and the farmer also likes to keep an eye on his barn owl box.

Chuckling Goat Website Camera

This Bullet camera is in the Goat Pen at Chuckling Goat’s farm in Wales. They stream it to their website as well so as their customers can keep an eye on the goats!

Security camera in Devon

This is a Bullet camera installed as a security camera looking over a parking area. It shows a typical field of view that a Bullet camera can watch over.