Case Studies

A few stories from a handful of our many happy customers.

Jill Swain – Dorset Down

John & Jill Swain moved from Bristol into the North Somerset countryside 30 years ago. Starting with a little over 3 acres they have, over the years built a very successful flock of Champion Dorset Down Sheep.

For years John & Jill would wrap up warm throughout much of December, making regular trips to their lambing shed. Often finding all was okay, the sheep were asleep and all that they could have actually stayed in bed. In December 2012 they saw an advert for AgriCamera and decided to give it a shot. It worked so well that in the summer of 2014 they decided to expand their system and get a second camera for their lambing shed. This time they purchased the new AgriCamera Bullet HD.

Here is what Jill had to say about the system “I thought first camera was good but upgraded version is superb. The clarity is amazing! Individual sheep can be recognised and can even be seen breathing. The night vision is brilliant, no other lighting needed. Last year one of my champion ewes had triplets & this year was huge again. I physically checked on her until 0115 gave up & went to bed. At 0435 I checked camera she had just had twins. One had its head stuck in bag so may have died if I hadn’t seen it on camera. The cameras are easily installed lots of advice freely given. The team at AgriCamera have been wonderful, extremely patient with us technophobes & willing to repeat advice until perfect.”

We would like to extend our thanks to Jill for her generous coments and also letting us use her camera for a Live Lambing demonstration in the front of the South Molton Mole Valley store.

Chuckling Goat

“Here at Chuckling Goat we milk our own cherished pedigreed goats, and make the raw goatsmilk into a probiotic drink and natural healing skincare for eczema. We don’t do any paid advertising – it’s strictly word of mouth -so connecting with our customers is critical for us.”

“We wanted everyone to see exactly how well we take care of our goats, so a friend suggested that we add a live streaming goat cam to our website! We contacted Agricam and they were really friendly and helpful, assisted us in choosing and putting up our camera, and helped through all the teething problems when the camera went down on our end.”

“Now our camera is a main focal point on our website, and loads of bosses in London complain that we’re cutting into their worker’s productivity, because everyone gets hooked on the goat cam from their offices! We love our goat cam and can’t say enough good things about the system and the way it allows us to connect with our clients. Thank you , Agricam!” Shann Jones, Director, Chuckling Goat

Goat Cam!

You can see GoatCam for yourselfhere! If you are interested in getting a live feed on your website, please contact the team here at AgriCamera for more information

We have lots of experience of live streaming cameras all around the world, including the sheep shearing world record as covered by the BBC!

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