Calving & Lambing Camera Kits

Keep a watchful eye on your calving shed from the comfort of your home.

AgriCamera offer a range of calving and lambing kits ready for you to install on your farm. All of our systems are in stock and can be bought online with free next day delivery if bought before 3PM.

The calving and lambing camera kits include everything you need to install the camera, including a wireless link back to your house or office. There is absolutely no technical skills required to install the camera; a screwdriver and a hammer is just about all you need!

If you need any help or advice, please give one of the team a ring on 01271 828407 and we will be delighted to help.

  • Bullet Camera Kit

    From: £749.00 +VAT
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  • Revolution Camera Kit

    From: £999.00 +VAT
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  • Ultra360 Camera Kit

    From: £1,399.00 +VAT
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Need help chosing?

If you are not sure which camera will be the best fit for you, why not give our team a ring on 01271 828407 for a chat?

Bullet Camera

  • Suitable for smaller sheds up to 1,000 square foot
  • The camera is fixed in one position – it doesn’t move around
  • The camera has a built in basic microphone
  • Powerful built in infrared lights allow you to see in the dark

Revolution Camera

  • Suitable for sheds up to 10,000 square foot
  • You can remotely move the camera around a full 360 degrees and zoom it in and out!
  • The Revolution camera has built in smart LED lights for night vision
  • An optional microphone can be attached so you can hear as well as see

Ultra360 Camera

  • Suitable for sheds up to 30,000 square foot
  • The Ultra360 is the Revolution camera’s big brother
  • Compared to the Revolution camera it moves faster, zooms in further and has much more powerful night vision
  • The Ultra360 comes complete with a high quality microphone included

Live Demo

The Ultra 360 camera on the right is beamed live from Suffolk in the UK. Please try it!

Click on the third control to expand the screen. Then use your mouse to move and zoom the camera. Then imagine if this was your herd and your shed that you could monitor remotely. Our camera solutions work with any internet connected device, anywhere in the world at any time – smart phone, tablet or PC!

How it works

In the house or office

In the house you need to have an internet connection with a broadband router. The kit is supplied with an Interface Unit (IFU) which is the brain that makes the camera network talk to your mobile phone or computer. The IFU must be plugged into your broadband router. The IFU then has a cable plugged into it that runs up to the wireless transmitter on your house pointing at the shed. The IFU is plugged into the mains and also sends power up to the transmitter over the same cable.

At the shed or farm

At the shed you have a second transmitter that points back to the other one. There is a cable that plugs into this transmtiter and runs down to the Weatherproof Power Supply (WPS). The WPS is plugged into the mains and has ports for up to 3 camers to plug in. Another cable is plugged into one of these ports and runs up to the camera in the roof of the shed. If you have other cameras in the shed these are connected in the same way.

AgriCamera Deferred Payment

Spread the cost of buying your AgriCamera system. Just pay a 50% deposit upfront and the rest can be spread over 6 easily monthly payments with 0% interest. No strings attached!

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Standard Features

We include the following features with all of our kits…

Power Supply Hub

Waterproof & easy to install

Our power supply hub is fully waterproof and can connect up to 4 cameras or transmitter. It can be daisy chained to add more cameras.

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Wireless Transmitters

Zero Configuration

Our transmitters run our own software that makes it ridiculously easy to set them up and troubleshoot them. They have a range of up to 2 miles.

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Magic IFU Brain

Interface Unit

The IFU is the magic source that makes our system work. Plug in your cameras or transmitters and be up and running seconds later!

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Everything Included

Cables & Accessories

We include absolutely everything needed to install the system apart from standard tools. You can chose to have the heavy duty cables in any length.

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How do I view the cameras?

Card image cap

Mobile Apps

Dedicated AgriCamera mobile apps for Android and Apple devices.

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Web Browser

Use any web browser, on any computer, with nothing to install or setup. Just login!

Add some extra cameras?

All of our systems are completely modular and expandable. Whether you need to add a second calving camera in another shed, or want a security camera looking at your gate, its really easy to do with AgriCamera.

Up to 3 cameras can be plugged into the standard outdoor power supply, and 2 cameras can connect to the IFU. If you need more than this, or need to wirelessly connect another shed.. click here!

  • Extra Bullet Camera

    From: £284.00 +VAT
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  • Extra Revolution Camera

    From: £534.00 +VAT
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  • Extra Ultra360 Camera

    From: £934.00 +VAT
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AgriCamera Care

£100/year +VAT per site

No matter how many cameras you have. The first year is free!

AgriCamera Care is peace of mind for your investment. We are here to help even when things break.

  • Fanatical phone and email support from highly skilled Devon based staff who talk your language
  • Unlimited access to our online cloud based software
  • Automatic software updates to the latest supported versions for all your equipment
  • No hassle “swap it” hardware replacement if any of your equipment has a fault or gets damaged

AgriCamera Care is charged once per site (no matter how many cameras you have) and is billed annually in arrears. The first year is included with your camera purchase for free.

What about installation?

Self Installation

Its really not very difficult!

All of our kits are designed to be really easy to install. Everything is preconfigured and the cables are all premade, so all you have to do is put the cameras up and plug it all in! The cameras and transmitters just screw to the wall with their included brackets (we even include the screws!). The power supply also screws to the wall and is plugged into the mains. You run cables from each camera / transmitter back down to the power supply.

Finally, you put the transmitter on your house, run the cable down to the IFU and then plug the IFU into your broadband router. That’s it!

To view the camera, you then open your internet browser or mobile phone and type in the license key that came with your camera.

Learn more about installing your own system

Fully Installed

From £250.00

If you really don’t fancy installing the system yourself, we understand that too. We are able to organise the installation of your system no matter where you are in the UK.

Depending on your location and how much of a rush you are in to have the system installed, it will either be fitted by an AgriCamera installer, or by a carefully selected third party engineer who has been trained by us. All of our installaters are fully insured and will do a professional job of the installation – we aren’t in the business of bodging. If any electrical work is required, we can also normally do that at the same time.

For small systems we generally charge a fixed rate of £250.00. If your system is complex or is spread over different buildings, we generally prefer to work on a day rate which seems to be the fairest way to all parties. Our day rate is £250.00 plus expenses.

Finally, we can also work with your preferred installer, and show them how to install it if you have someone suitable in mind.

About the wireless

How far? What if there is something in the way?

How far can the wireless go?

If you have a line of sight between your house and the shed, the answer is around 2 kilometres (ask us if you need to go further). If you don’t have a line of sight, around 100 to 200 metres. The wireless won’t go through the side of a mountain though… tin sheds / buildings are OK.

What if there is no chance of a line of sight?

If you really don’t have a line of sight, it is possible to bounce or ‘dog leg’ the signal off another building.

How do I connect multiple buildings?

Connecting multiple buildings is really easy. You can either connect multiple receivers back to one transmitter if they are within a 60 degree arc of the transmitter, or you can put another transmitter up next to the existing one. You will then need another power supply unit at the second shed to plug your cameras in.

Click here to learn more about wireless camera systems

Still not sure?

If you still are not sure whether AgriCamera will be able to do what you need it to, why not give the team a ring and chat it through? We love a challenge!

01271 828407

Alternatively, why not drop the team an email with the form opposite? We look forward to hearing from you!