Calving & Lambing Camera Kits

Keep a watchful eye on your calving shed from the comfort of your home.

AgriCamera offer a range of recommended systems, or you can use our price calculator to build a custom system for your farm. If you are unsure about what you need, scroll down for some hints and tips or give the office a ring on 01271 828407 to speak to Jeremy or Ben.

AgriCamera provides brilliantly simple calving, lambing and foaling camera solutions to make your life easier. Our unique web based platform allows you to login and view your cameras from anywhere in the world with no complicated router settings required.

With systems starting from as little as £679.00 you do not have to save very many calves or lambs each year for your system to pay for itself. With AgriCamera you can keep an eye on your livestock around the clock from the comfort of your home.

Price Calculator

Bullet Cameras

Ultra360 Camera
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Ultra360 Cameras

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How Many?


  • 1 x Starter Kit : £
  • 1 x Bullet Camera : £
  • 4 x Cables : £

Price Breakdown

  • £50/yearAgriCamera Care
    First year free

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Need help chosing?

If you are not sure which camera will be best for you, why not give our team a ring on 01271 828407 to discuss your requirements.

Bullet Camera

  • A system comprising of a single Bullet camera is our lowest cost option.
  • Can be expanded with extra cameras so you have multiple viewpoints in the same shed
  • If the shed is split up into different sections, you can have a camera on each side

Bullet Camera Live:

Ultra360 Camera

  • A single Ultra360 camera can cover a huge area – it can be a very cost effective way of installing a camera
  • The camera can zoom in so you can get an extremely high level of detail anywhere in the shed
  • It works well over a slow internet connection – there is no need to try and stream a high definition picture

Ultra360 Camera Live:

Still not sure?

If you still are not sure whether AgriCamera will be able to do what you need it to, why not give the team a ring and chat it through? We have yet to come across a problem we cannot solve 🙂

01271 828407

Alternatively, why not drop the team an email with the form opposite? We look forward to hearing from you!