Alarms For Farms

Wireless, battery powered sensors so you know who’s on your farm

AgriCamera’s recently launched FarmDetect system is a network of battery powered PIR detectors and beam sensors that wireless connect to the cloud and can send out alerts directly to your phone.

Using low frequency wireless connections, the sensor units can connect back to the base station at up to 1km with no line of sight. The base station communicates with our cloud platform using either your broadband connection or a self contained GSM connection.

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The FarmDetect PIR sensors are fully waterproof and have a battery life of around 2 years. They can be deployed almost anywhere and will connect back wirelessly to the basestation.

The PIR detectors are available in three different lens angles – 90 degrees, 45 degrees and 1 degree. The 1 degree lens is designed to cast a very narrow ‘curtain’ or wall.

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The FarmDetect infrared beams are ideal for where you need to create a virtual perimeter and want to be alerted anytime someone crosses the fence.

They connect in the same way as the PIR detectors and also have a 2 year battery life.

System Diagram


You can have beams on your driveways and PIR sensors in your yard to give you alerts when people are on your farm. You can have as many of these sensors dotted across your farm to givr as much or as little coverage as possible. Motion detection alarms will work perfectly and seamlesly with your dashboard so you can check what is going on when an alarm is triggered. Why not phone the AgriCamera team today to dicuss how a system might look for you.

Base Station Options

Standard Base Station
  • Must be connected to broadband connection
  • No battery backup


GSM Base Station
  • Connects via internal GSM modem
  • 48 hour battery backup


The FarmDetect Base Station connects back to our proven cloud based platform. From here, you can configure who should be alerted when a sensor is invoked. Alerts can be sent out via text message or email and include the name of the sensor that triggered the alert.

You can setup a schedule to decide when the system should be sent out. The system can be disarmed through the web interface or by simply replying to any of the alert texts. For instance “stop 4” will disarm the system for the next 4 hours before rearming it.

Management of the system is also easy. From the web interface, you can monitor the battery status and signal strength of each unit as well as reviewing past alerts that have been sent out.


  • Extremely easy to install. Simply screw the sensors up around your farm and plug the base unit in.
  • Fine grained control over who receives alerts and when they are received.
  • Remotely arm / disarm the system by text message or the FarmDetect mobile app
  • Remotely check the signal strength and battery level of any sensor
  • Receive alerts if there are any errors with the system or if it is disconnected for any reason
  • Connect up to 64 sensors on a single base station

FarmDetect Subscription

  • 1 User – £200.00/year
  • 2-3 Users – £300.00/year
  • 3-10 Users – £400.00/year
  • 10-100 Users – £500.00/year

To use FarmDetect you will require a subscription to connect to the cloud service

  • Unlimited text messages alerts
  • Unlimited phone and email support from highly skilled Devon based staff
  • Unlimited access to our online cloud based software
  • Automatic software updates to the latest supported version of software for all your equipment
  • No hassle “swap it” hardware replacement if any of your equipment has a fault or gets damaged

All prices are per camera and are subjet to VAT in the UK.