AgriCamera Care

£100/year +VAT per site

No matter how many cameras you have on that site. The first year is included with your purchase.

AgriCamera Care is our charge for continued software updates, remote support/troubleshooting and online platform hosting. We realised a long time ago that when you put a complex electronic system in a harsh farm environment, it will occasionally go wrong and we need to be able to cope with that.

  • Fanatical phone and email support from highly skilled Devon based staff who talk your language. We will not fob you off at the first opportunity.
  • Unlimited access to our online cloud based software
  • Automatic software updates to the latest supported versions for all your equipment
  • Continual support for your system for as long as you own it and it is technically possible to keep it working.
  • 30% off out of warranty hardware replacement

AgriCamera Care is charged once per site (no matter how many cameras you have) and is billed annually in arrears. The first year is included with your camera purchase for free.

How we do troubleshooting

If you’re camera stops working the first thing a customer normally does is phone us up. We will take a look at the problem and define it as one of the following:

  • A software problem (almost certainly ‘our’ problem).
  • A hardware problem (‘your’ problem, unless the system is still in warranty, when it becomes ‘our’ problem again).

If we determine that it is a software problem, we can normally fix the issue very quickly and easily, and upgrade the system so as it doesn’t happen again.

If it is a hardware issue, we will run through some simple troubleshooting steps with you and ask you to double check that everything is plugged in correctly. If we still have no signs of life, and we cannot spot anything that is obviously causing the problem, we will typically ask you to take down the cameras, transmitters and power supplies and place them into a box. We will then arrange a courier to come and collect them.

Once we receive the system back from you, we will test all the components here and work out what the problem is. Once we have tested and diagnosed everything, we will return the system back to you ready for you to reinstall.

If your system is under warranty and we ask you to send it back to us, there will be no charge at all. If your system is out of warranty, we charge £30 to cover the cost of getting the system collected and posted back to you. If there are any components that need to be replaced, we charge retail price minus a 30% discount (plus vat).

The reason why we may ask you to send your system back is that from experience, it will generally save both you and us time in the long run. We do not have to spend hours on the phone trying to talk you through complicated troubleshooting steps, and you can be confident that your system will return in perfect working order.

Extending your warranty

All of our equipment comes with a 1 year warranty as standard. If you wish this can be extended to up to 3 years at the time of purchase.

Question about AgriCamera Care?

If you are still not quite sure about AgriCamera care, why not give us a ring to discuss?

01271 828407

Alternatively, why not drop the team an email with the form opposite? We look forward to hearing from you!