Our Irish Friends at Phonepak Technologies

AgriCamera have been selling calving and lambing cameras to farmers since 2011 and we have seen lots of other company come and go in that time. It always amuses me how completely unoriginal some companies will be when deciding to enter the market.

Today’s exhibit is none other than ‘Phonepak Technologies’ in Ireland with their range of calving cameras.¬†

Here is their web page explaining their system:

At first I was somewhat surprised to see the diagrams that we drew way back in 2012 on their website. I guess they couldn’t be bothered to draw their own and just decided to copy ours. I also noticed their explainer video had a lot of my wordings and phrasings in it.. I guess they gave our website as inspiration to whoever did their video for them.

What really surprised me, was that when I searched back through our emails, I realised¬† a certain Rosemarie Bruen’ had swapped a number of emails with us and one of my colleagues had spent time on the phone to them discussing the products. Perhaps they just have no morals?

Oh well.. as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!


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