Rowland Smith Sheep Shearing World Record Attempt

Sheep Shearing Live Stream

Live stream of Rowland Smith sheep shearing world record attempt.

On Monday 24th July New Zealand shearer, Rowland Smith, challenges the ‘Eight Hour Ewe World Shearing Record’ at Trefranck Farm, St Clether in Cornwall, he is now all set to take to the stage both in terms of skill and physical fitness.

Currently, the world record for the ‘Eight Hour Ewe World Shearing Record’ stands at 605 ewes and is held by Leon Samuels from South Island New Zealand. To take the title, on Monday 24th July, Rowland will have to shear each sheep in less than 47 seconds.

A world shearing record attempt such as this is a real test of not only skill, but also endurance and stamina. On the day, Rowland is being supported by British Wool and will have a team of 57 volunteers from New Zealand, England, Wales and Ireland to help and encourage him throughout the event, driving sheep forward into the pens and removing and wrapping wool. Overseeing the record attempt will be a team of four world record judges from South Africa, New Zealand and Wales.

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