Understanding Key Requirements

As a livestock farmer myself, I can identify with my customer’s key requirements for a livestock monitoring system and often contribute in specifying it’s full functionality. Sometimes that means that the key functionality may not be the immediate enquiry need.


Very often the initial enquiry centres around calving yet – as in the case of the champion Limousin herd above – other monitoring can prove just as important. Being busy with other off-site business interests, our customer needs to be able to monitor both calving periods and the critical post calving calf behaviour. Impressive bull calves often take a little longer to get to their feet after calving and our customer needs to check if the calf has suckled and continues to thrive and bond.

Similarly, many larger housed dairy herds need 24/7 observation for heat detection and bulling behaviour. At night our ultra360 pan, zoom and tilt camera can identify individual animals and at a great range (typical cameras may be centred in an 80m long shed). At AgriCamera we have cameras built to our own high levels of specification at the cost-effective end of the professional range not prosumer range. This is an important distinction when one compares an AgriCamera solution with others.

One small example is the fact that where no ambient lighting is available or desired at night-time, our powerful zoom camera models are supplied with localised infra-red illuminators fitted at defined points around the housing as opposed to inferior products that try to utilise in-built IR. We fail to see how animals can be seen adequately when a zoom is employed and the subject is so far from the light source.


AgriCamera continues to work with customers to develop solutions based on farmer’s total needs. Such an approach pays dividends over the long term and is one of our greatest sources of repeat business.

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