Slawston Grange Farm – Customer Success Story

An impressive new build farm complex gave Slawston Grange Estate a free hand to design, specify and create a modern beef and sheep unit allowing ease of management and major on productivity and transparent high animal welfare standards.


At the centre of the new unit are two Roundhouse structures providing winter accommodation for Aberdeen Angus cattle. The structures feature light, airy space with central handling facilities and good peripheral covered feeding all around the outside


AgriCamera designed an integrated surveillance and management camera system with Farms and Estates Manager Oli Lee.

“We called in AgriCamera from the outset so that we could design a good camera system for our needs and incorporate trunking in to the infrastructure as we built over the Summer”

“We now have a number of features that really help us. When we are busy with other farm operations away from the site, we have peace of mind that we have cameras that we can view at any time from a computer or smart phone”

“The ultra360 cameras in the Roundhouses are mounted so that we can scan and zoom on the cattle and also use the high eaves height to look out in to the yard beyond”

“As a beacon Sainsburys supplier we are in regular dialogue with their teams and we like to be able to demonstrate best practice; now we can even show them directly”.

Slawston Grange Estate now have a second AgriCamera system employed to record and secure traffic movements on a remote farm drive. Images are recorded directly to the Cloud for retrospective review and local downloading if required.


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