Poultry House Monitoring & Management

AgriCamera has invested considerably in it’s software for poultry monitoring and management and would like to reach new partnerships, Europe-wide, for it’s thermal and optical camera systems.

AgriCamera is seeking opportunities for new installations and retrospective fitting and for stakeholders to contribute to our on-going analytical software to make a meaningful difference to pioneer broiler and layer producers.

Who we are:

Trading since 2012, AgriCamera is an innovative supplier of internet based optical surveillance solutions based in the UK. AgriCamera’s focus is livestock monitoring and farm security. We have many poultry installations in operation; layers and broilers

What makes us different:

  • Our proprietary AgriCamera dashboard allows our customers to remotely monitor their farm and livestock from any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Our solution is “brilliantly simple” for our customers; we have mastered the technical set up in often difficult rural locations and made it simple.
  • Our solution drives scale, facilitates remote troubleshooting and allows us to manage the security of the platform.
  • We innovate in our market and we are developing data analytics in the poultry industry and experimenting with thermal imaging cameras.

Future vision for the poultry industry:

AgriCamera have invested heavily in the software development of future livestock monitoring systems.

We know that the key to good poultry management for yield and welfare is to understand and manage activity, dispersal and other behaviour.

The game can be changed if this can be done remotely and using technology. With that in mind we have proved the technical concept:

  • We can map distribution and bird activity using a combination of optical and thermal cameras.
  • We can track bird activity to provide data to facilitate informed management decisions based on activity, dispersal and behaviour.
  • We can map distribution to identify environmental events. For example, water leaks or heat changes.

We can tailor make and white label our software for integration in to other’s systems and platforms. AgriCamera can facilitate installation and commissioning, taking full account of bio-security and local electrical standards; Europe-wide


  • Our internet based poultry camera solutions are the convenient and accurate way for customers to monitor their sheds, from any device anywhere in the world.
  • Our poultry camera solutions cater for all our customer needs; they decide what they need to see and we provide the solution, from the simple to the comprehensive.
  • Our poultry camera solutions provide the customer with instant access to recordings so they can review historic events and patterns.


  • Our internet based solutions provide the customer with the security and peace of mind that they need.
  • Our state of the art recording solutions provide them with instant playback from any device anywhere in the world; localised storage or to the Cloud
  • Our internet based solutions link multiple sites and locations giving them the visibility they need from a single device.
  • Our internet based solutions provide flexible and controlled access to multiple users to suit their working patterns

Thermal imaging

  • Our thermal imaging solution gives the customer a different perspective on shed management, showing the differences in temperature within the shed.
  • Our thermal imaging solution works with the customer to monitor the pre-heat cycle, ensuring the floor is heated evenly.
  • Our thermal imaging solution enables the customer to observe bird behaviour and distribution comparing it to environmental conditions.
  • Our thermal imaging solution can quickly help the customer to identify problems such as a water leak or an open shed door.
  • Further development work is on-going for the integration of AgriCamera software in to automatic ventilation control systems

Intrusion prevention and access controls

  • Strict biosecurity is critical to our customers.
  • Our intrusion prevention systems based on Passive Infrared Red (PIR) detectors and infrared beams are our solution for our customers.
  • Our door control systems enable you to audit entry and exit and manage their entry permissions

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